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Colors: Hot Pink
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Buzzbomb Tackle brings you the best-in-class Zzinger lures online that are used by seasoned guides and angling professionals throughout the world. This most effective jig can be cast or jigged in both freshwater as well as saltwater. Typically heavier than the Buzz Bomb lure the Zzinger lure can corkscrew downward quickly to hit bait balls and attached the a vast array of predatory fish like salmon, tuna, bass, pike, trout as well as all bottom fish such as grouper, yellow eye, and all cod species. You can select any of the lures according to your target location – consider water movement as well as water depth and the size of the current bait fish. Since we are the makers of best holographic finish, we have specific professionals who handcraft these lures individually. So, yes it is as close to perfection as it gets. The most popular colors are the Zzinger Green Holographic for Chinook salmon, Zzinger Pink Holographic for Pink Salmon, Blue Holographic for Coho, and then “the Swiss army knife” of lures is the Zzinger Perch! Shop in your local retailer, on Amazon, or on our website – as we are the original manufacturer and patent holder and trademark owner of the Buzz Bomb, Zzinger, Spinnow, and Zelda Jig be sure that you are buying the original product with 50 years of science put into the products.

One of the most effective lures to catch salmon – Coho, Chinook (Spring Salmon).

0.5oz is great for casting shallows in fresh and salt water

1.5oz and 2.5oz are the most effective for fishing down to 150 feet of water.  Try the 4.5oz for deeper!

Zzinger Blue Holographic caused a revolution in fishing techniques and fish productivity!

Typically the deeper you fish and the more turbulent the conditions the heavier the lure.

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