An accomplished fisherman in any sense of the word. Fly fishing, Steelheading, Salmon Fishing, Sturgeon Fishing, he has done it all! If he hasn't fished it yet, he is interested in fishing there. Mike was a previous employee here at Berry's who has pursued other fishing experience over the past years-guiding, fishing in numerous new areas as well as accruing more retail experience in the Nikka Industries tackle department. He has now returned to the “home stream” and we look forward to many years with him here at Berry’s.


Kevin has been a valued member of the Berry's Team since he graduated in 2003. Kevin focuses on River fishing and tries to make an annual trip to the Thompson River every fall (if it is open), to pursue Steelhead. He fishes the local rivers and spreads his knowledge of river fishing "how to", to many of our customers. Kevin also fishes Trout, Salmon and Sturgeon when ever he is able. He is a great asset to our store and we look forward to many more years with him in our fishing family.


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