VMC Tungsten Drop Shot Cylinder Weights Lead Free

Size: 1/8 oz
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VMC® Tungsten Drop Shot Cylinder Weights offer an increased hardness that results in improved feel for structure and light bites. 35% smaller profile than lead means better cover penetration with fewer snags. Easy connect line pinch allows weight to release when snagged, loosing only the weight and not the complete rig. Lead Free.
  • Extreme Hardness Provides Better Feel for Structure and Light Bites
  • 35% Smaller Profile Than Lead for Fewer Snags and Better Cover Penetration
  • Easy Connect Line Pinch
  • Lead Free
1/8 oz. 4 TDSC18
3/16 oz. 4 TDSC316
1/4 oz. 3 TDSC14
3/8 oz. 3 TDSC38
1/2 oz. 2 TDSC12

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