Mustad Tuf-Line ML27100 MicroLead Core, 27 LB X 100 YD

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Featuring a small diameter lead core protected by a powerful Spectra® fiber braid, TUF-LINE® MicroLead revolutionizes lead core trolling. With reduced drag, MicroLead achieves the same sink rate as standard lead core and can be fished on lighter rods and smaller reels. The Spectra® fiber braid is 3X stronger than standard lead core line and delivers smooth, effortless handling. Better materials, better performance, and a better experience, MicroLead puts the fun back in lead core trolling.

  • 30% Smaller
  • Increased Reel Capacity
  • Low Drag in the Water
  • 3x Stronger
  • UHMWPE Fiber Braid  
  • Lasts Longer
SKU Test Rating Test Rating Diameter Diameter
ML15100 15lbs 6.8kg 0.021in 0.534mm
ML15200 15lbs 6.8kg 0.021in 0.534mm
ML151000 15lbs 6.8kg 0.021in 0.534mm
ML18100 18lbs 8.2kg 0.023in 0.585mm
ML18200 18lbs 8.2kg 0.023in 0.585mm
ML181000 18lbs 8.2kg 0.023in 0.585mm
ML27100 27lbs 12.2kg 0.024in 0.61mm
ML27200 27lbs 12.2kg 0.024in 0.61mm
ML271000 27lbs 12.2kg 0.024in 0.61mm

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