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Tiemco 2457 Curved Nymph hooks are a heavy wire for nymphs and bead heads that will hold up. We use this hook for trout flies but also for steelhead eggs and nymphs. A great selling hook.

Tiemco fly hooks were first made in 1984 by Tiemco's hook designer, Ken Shimazaki. It was not an auspicious time to introduce Japanese hooks to the U.S. Undeterred, Umpqua's founder, Dennis Black, one of America's greatest commercial tyers, tested these new hooks, and with a simple handshake with Tiemco's Toshi Shimoda, agreed to distribute the in the U.S. With that courageous decision, fly tying- and fly fishing- would be changed forever.

The Tiemco 2457 has a curved shank, down eye, 2X heavy, 2X wide, 2X short,  forged bronze- sizes 6-18. These are basically a long shank version of the popular 100. Great for caddis pupae and shrimp.

Tiemco TMC 2457 fly hooks sold here in the 25 packs.

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