Mack's Smile Blade® Assorted 5-Pack

Color: Assorted Scale
Size: 0.8
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  • The Smile Blade provides lifelike action at speeds as slow as 1/4 mph and is easily tuned. Adjust to a wide-angle blade for a slow, rolling wobble or a narrow-angle blade for a vigorous shake and spin.

    Smile Blade Assorted 5-Pack

  • Smile Blade Assorted 5-Pack
  • Are Smile Blades ready to use out of the package?

    Yes, simply bend your Smile Blade with a narrow blade angle for erratic action or widen your blade angle for a slow wobble, then you're ready to fish. Be sure to use a bead underneath to ensure a proper spin.

    Can you stack multiple colors of Smile Blades?

    Yes, simply add a couple of round beads between them so they will both rotate. Using a larger size on the bottom, then stacking the next size down is best.

    How are the Smile Blade sizes measured?

    Each Smile Blade size is the total length in inches when unbent. For example, a Smile Blade 1.1 is 1.1" in length when laying flat.

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