Airflo Sightfree G3 Fluorocarbon Fishing Line- 100M

Size: 01X 15LB
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Airflo Sightfree G3 Fluorocarbon is the tippet of choice for many anglers all around the world. G3's superior knot strength and abrasion resistance gives your leader a longer life. Up to 60% lower diameter than other fluorocarbon leaders, Sightfree G3 turns almost invisible in water and will certainly help you put more fish on the bank.

Sightfree G3 is perfect for the reservoir angler looking to carry a range of breaking strains for different fishing techniques.


  • Low refractive index almost invisible in water
  • High specific gravity cuts the surface like a knife
  • Greater abrasion resistance for longer durability
  • Increased knot strength reduces dropper bust-ups

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