Shimano TranX 300/400 Baitcast Reel

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If you're serious about winning those epic battles yet to come, put a Shimano® TranX® 300/400 Baitcast Reel in your hands. This is a tank of a reel, built for big baits and big fish, with the strength to subdue almost anything that swims and the durability to keep coming back for more. Its rigid diecast aluminum Hagane body, oversized HEG Gearing, and X-Ship internal support combine for massive cranking power; the advanced Coreprotect sealing system keeps water away from the internals, so every retrieve feels almost effortless. Even with its compact, ergonomic profile, the TranX is fully equipped to win, with a precision aluminum S3D spool; QuickFire II clutch bar; super-efficient 5+1 system with S-ARB stainless steel bearings; proven Variable Braking System; Cross Carbon drag; and rugged CI4+ handle knob or low-gear models have double handles with oversized rubber paddles.

  • Superior power and durability
  • Diecast aluminum Hagane body
  • Oversized HEG Gearing
  • X-Ship internal reinforcement
  • Advanced Coreprotect sealing system
  • Precision aluminum S3D spool
  • QuickFire II clutch bar
  • 5+1 system with S-ARB stainless steel bearings
  • Variable Braking System
  • Cross Carbon drag with up to 22 lbs. of drag power
  • Single handle with CI4+ handle knob or double handles with oversized rubber paddles
Model Line Capacity (yds/lb) Gear Ratio Bearings Weight (oz.) Hand
TRX300AHG 180/14 5.8:1 5+1 11.6 Right
TRX301AHG 180/14 5.8:1 5+1 11.6 Left
TRX400AHG 260/14 7.6:1 5+1 12 Right
TRX401AHG 260/14 7.6:1 5+1 12 Left

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