G. Loomis Salmon Series Spinning Rod

MODEL: SAR 1024 S 8'6" Heavy 10-25LB
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Salmon can be found in rivers, holding in front of rocks, behind rocks, beside rocks, in depressions, above the riffle, below the riffle and, on occasion, in the riffle. They hug the bottom and they suspend. They stage up in tidewater, waiting for the rains to fill the rivers. Again' they hug the bottom and they suspend. Basically, they are where you find them and try as you might, it would be rare to find a rod that could handle all the varying techniques required to be successful. That's exactly why we developed the Salmon Series. Unique actions and rod designs made to give you the optimum advantage when it comes to catching these giant sea run creatures whose bite, at times, can be lighter than a trout. Techniques vary from region to region, waterway to waterway. There's drift mooching and power mooching in the ocean, trolling in the estuaries and drift fishing, plug fishing, bobber fishing and back-bouncing in the rivers. There are special finesse techniques developed and known by only a few that can trigger bites when nothing else will work and we make rods for all of them. The fish can be aggressive, selective, moody and negative all in the same day. Fish found in a nice run or a deep hole one day can move upstream and disappear overnight. Holes totally devoid of fish one day can be packed the next. It's the nature of the beast and it's why we make 14 different models covering five different techniques. This is our turf! This is salmon country and it's what we do.

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