Rapala X-Rap Saltwater 14" Pinfish Suspending Fishing Lure

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Taking the original X-Rap formula and refining it to be successful in saltwater fisheries up and down the coast, the Rapala X-Rap Saltwater series of lures has a place in any inshore angler's arsenal. Built to have the same versatility as the freshwater versions, the X-Rap Saltwater lures function well with a variety of techniques. When casting, these lures can either be aggressively ripped and jerked for an erratic slashing action or steadily retrieved at a wide range of speeds. An internal long-cast system greatly aids in casting distance, allowing large amounts of water to be covered at whatever cadence the angler desires. Boaters can deploy the classic Rapala "wounded minnow" action by trolling the X-Rap Salwater at a variety of speeds and depths. These baits come with VMC 3X Perma Steel treble hooks to handle big fish and resist corrosion, and as always are hand-tuned and tank-tested for premium performance right out of the box.


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