Rapala Crush City Ned Blt

Style: Baby Bass
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Sometimes in bass fishing, less is more, that’s exactly where the tasty Ned BLT™ comes in.
  • Super TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) - Floating plastic with extra stretch and durability. Heat and Cold Resistant (Holds softness and shape for ice fishing)
  • Perfect for Finesse Situations
  • Maximized Buoyancy
  • Stand Up a 1/4 ounce VMC® Ned Rig Jig or Rig a Drop-Shot
  • Smart Injection Technology™ Combines Custom Combinations of Color, Flake, Salt and Scent, that are Added Precisely Where Needed for the Perfect Presentation

      BODY LENGTH: 3"

      BOUYANCY : Floating

      PACK: 10

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