Mack's Pee Wee™ Wiggle Hoochie™

Color: Hot Pink Glow/Clear
Size: 2
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  • The Pee Wee Wiggle Hoochie is fitted with a crank-style Wiggle Hoochie Bill and a UV squid body. This one-of-a-kind lure has irresistible action that trout, kokanee, sockeye and salmon can't resist.

    Pee Wee Wiggle Hoochie

  • Pee Wee Wiggle Hoochie

  • Can you fish the Pee Wee Wiggle Hoochie for salmon or larger fish?

    The Pee Wee version of the Wiggle Hoochie is built on 14-lb. line, so yes you can fish it for larger fish, but a lot of it depends on how big your bait is.

    Do the Pee Wee Wiggle Hoochies dive like a diving crankbait?

    No, the Wiggle Hoochie Bill design is meant to give the lure a crankbait-type, back and forth action, not meant to dive.

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