O'KI Big Shooter Flasher - Green Herring Aid

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The Green Herring Aid Big Shooter Flashers, proudly made in Canada, are the latest addition to our renowned O'Ki Flasher lineup. Crafted with precision and built for performance, these flashers are designed to bring in the bite like never before.

Equipped with two ball bearing swivels and welded nickel/silver rings, our Big Shooter Flashers ensure smooth rotation and exceptional durability. These high-quality components are essential for maintaining the integrity of your fishing setup, allowing you to focus on catching fish.

With the Green Herring Aid pattern, already a top seller on the West Coast, our Big Shooter Flashers offer expanded colour options for added versatility and success. The vibrant green hue of the Green Herring Aid pattern attracts curious fish and triggers their feeding instincts, while the reliable performance of our flashers ensures optimal results.

Whether you're targeting salmon, trout, or other predatory fish, our Green Herring Aid Big Shooter Flashers will become your secret weapon. Their eye-catching finishes in Chrome, Gold, and Glow not only perform exceptionally well but also add a touch of stunning beauty to your fishing setup.

Choose O'Ki and experience the difference that quality, innovation, and attention to detail can make in your fishing success. Order your Green Herring Aid Big Shooter Flashers today and join the ranks of satisfied anglers who rely on O'Ki for the ultimate fishing experience.

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