Moby Loon Catch & Release Net

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All Mobynets are built from the same design - a single piece of solid oak, the strongest and most durable of the hardwoods.

We at Mobynets do not believe in cutting thin strips of wood, stacking and then gluing them back together to form the shape of the net. In time as the net frame flexes, those glue joints start to fail, resulting in delamination of the wood strips.

That is why Mobynets has become an industry leader in the art of steam bending. When a piece of solid oak is steamed to the correct temperature, its wood cells begin to elasticize; this allows us to bend the wood easily into its desired shape. Once the wood has cooled its cell structure returns to normal, making for a strong, flexible and durable net that will provide years of reliable use.

The attractive inlays are made from the finest of hardwoods, walnut, maple, and padauk. Each of these beautiful woods add durability and strength to each and every Mobynet.

All Mobynets come with a soft non abrasive fish friendly mesh.  The nets flat bottom design allows the fish to be held securely and comfortably.

The two coats of marine grade penetrating varnish with UV blocker will provide years of protection from the elements.

Mobynets offers a great variety of quality built nets that meet the needs of the most discriminating fisherman. You will not find a stronger or more durable wooden landing net anywhere.

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