Magic Swimmer 4 Inch

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The Magic Swimmer Soft is a jointed soft plastic bait that swims as good as the original Magic Swimmer hardbait, PLUS it can be rigged. Texas- rigged, Carolina-rigged, or just with a wide gap weedless hook. Intricate details and realistic swimming action bring the lure to life. Swimming it, jigging it, or jerking it, the Magic Swimmer Soft is sure to please in all angling situations.

Works for fresh or salt water.

  • Recessed groove in the top of the lure’s back conceals the hook’s poin
  • Strategically placed holes in nose and throat, and slots on belly and back allows the Magic swimmer soft to slide on the leader making for a more durable bait
  • Orienting the weight on the hook in the forward position allows for the bait to fall with an angled descent

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