Lighthouse Lures Max Shad Swim Tail Jig

Size: 3 oz
STYLE: Derby Winner
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Max Shad Scented Swim tail jig is irresistible to lingcod, ground fish, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, pike, muskie and bass. These jigs feature a lifelike swimming action created by their power-mullet tail. Effectively fish these jigs easily by allowing them to swim. Very little jigging motion is necessary for the Max Shad to swim realistically making them perfect for drift jigging and slow trolling. Or cast and retrieve to produce a highly targeted aggressive response from predatory fish species. One of the things people like most about these swimtails for bottom fishing is that you can fish in a variety of tide and water conditions with them easily. No need to anchor, no need for slack tide; let them swim and catch monster fish. These are some of the most effective swimbaits you will ever use for catching a multitude of predatory fish in fresh and saltwater. The Max Shad lures are further enhanced by there saltwater fish scent which keeps the fish coming back for more. Give them a try you will not be disappointed!

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