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The J.B. Field's "30 Below Classic" is Canada's best-selling thermal sock! 

These socks are made from 70% merino wool and have heavy-weight cushioning throughout; these socks will keep your feet warm from zero to -30°C. The high content of merino wool also helps wick moisture and keep your feet dry and blister-free when doing outdoor activities in cold temperatures. 

Also available as a slightly imperfect or 1st Quality Clearance 3 pack

Also available in a knee-high version

Why we use merino wool in our socks:

Merino wool is a type of wool that comes from a merino sheep. It is the finest wool on the market, making the fabric soft and itch-free. It is also breathable and temperature-regulating, so your feet are not too hot or cold. Merino is one of the best fibres for wicking moisture as it can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and moves it from your skin to the outside of the fabric, where it evaporates. Because it stays dry, odour-causing bacteria cannot grow, making it a naturally antimicrobial fibre.

Sizes available:
X-Small (Kids 8-11 Shoe)
Small - (1-4 Men & 2-5 Women)
S/M (Women's 4-7 Shoe / Men's 3-6)
Medium (Women's 7-10 Shoe / Men's 6-9 Shoe)
Large (Men's 8-13 Shoe / Women's 9 -13 Shoe)
X-Large (Men's 14-16 Shoe)
  • Merino Wool Socks: 70% Merino Wool, 30% Nylon
  • Merino Wool for exceptional softness, moisture wicking and temperature regulation
  • Merino wool has a natural crimp in the fibre. This crimp traps body heat in air pockets around your body, keeping you warmer for longer. 
  • Thermal Socks for harsh winters
  • Non-Binding: the loose-fitting top won't restrict circulation in the leg 
  • Heavy Weight Cushion -  full terry cushion for added comfort, extra warmth, and protection
  • Suitable for extreme cold weather as low as -30°C
  • Heavyweight: 75-142 grams(XS-XL)
  • Made proudly in Toronto, Canada!

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