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  • Perfect for Trout, Salmon, Walleye.
  • Rigged with glow bead and twin Gamakatsu hooks.
  • Recommended trolling speed 1.5-2 MPH.

The Apex 1.0 Kokanee is a banana shaped trolling lure specifically designed for Kokanee fishing applications. The Kokanee 1.0 Apex (named for the lure's 1" size), from Hot Spot Lures, is one of the most popular choices for Kokanee trolling due to its small size, erratic action and dual red hook rigging. In the Apex, Hot Spot Fishing, set the standard for which all other trolling lures strive to achieve - it's basic design is responsible for it's magic. Hot Spot recommends employing the 1.0 Apex Kokanee at trolling speeds of roughly 1.5 - 2mph which is fairly quick when compared to other Kokanee trolling applications - with that in mind, if you plan to troll other rods at the same time the lure must be suitable for the rapid pace. Hot Spot's 1.0 Kokanee and 1.0 Trout display virtually the same design, however they differ in the rigging and color options. This model, the Kokanee version, comes stock with a 36" 10lb test leader tied to dual red Gamakatsu Octopus hooks compared to the Trout version's single siwash hook. Additionally, the color patterns are exclusively designed with Kokanee fishing in mind - each color was hand picked to give anglers the best chance at success. We offer the Hot Spot Apex 1.0 Kokanee in several excellent colors. 1 per pack.

Use of the Apex Kokanee Special

One of the difficulties in catching Kokanee is holding this soft mouthed landlocked sockeye salmon after the initial take. To increase the catch to strike rate, the Kokanee Apex has developed, with the aid of avid Kokanee angler Phil Johnson, the Kokanee Special boasts a unique tandem hook setup. Check local regulations for hook restrictions. The Kokanee Special employs two red chemically sharpened, ultra sharp hooks tied in tandem about 1/4" to 1/2" apart. This hook arrangement is particularly effective when coupled with the unique Apex rigging that allows the Apex blade to slide up its leader away from the hooks eliminating the leverage used to dislodge the hooks as is the case with traditional rigged spoons. The Glow bead just ahead of the top hook serves as an added attractor in low light conditions or deeper water. Many Kokanee anglers will dress their hooks using any of a variety of bait, the most popular being maggots, Shoepeg Corn, or worms. Again check your local regulations for bait restrictions. A word of caution when using bait is that you don't use so much that it impedes the lure action.

The Kokanee Special Apex can be fished with or without an attractor. The action of the lure produces enough vibration to attract Kokanee from long distances. If you choose to use the Kokanee special behind an attractor do not shorten the factory leader length of 36" on the 1" model or 48" on the 1.5" model. As is the case with the addition of bait, shortening the leader can impede the action of the lure.

Choosing the best Color

For most light conditions or depths 308 Hot Pink or 310 Kokanee Red are top producers. These finishes have high fluorescence on their backs for bright light conditions, while the bellies are glow in the dar for low light or fishing at depths. The 302 Flame Sparkle is best in depths to 15' on bright days, as both sides are high fluorescence with added chrome sparkle. On overcast days with low light the 75 chartreuse and the 195 chrome fishscale can be deadly to depths of 60'. Color selection can change day to day and from one body of water to another so experiment until you hit the right color.

Apex 1.0 Kokanee Specs

  • Length: - 1"
  • Hooks: - 2 Red Gamakatsu Octopus
  • Leader: - 36" of 10lb test


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