Hareline STS Trilobal Dubbing Salmon Trout Steelhead

Color: Bloody Black Leach
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Hareline STS (Salmon Trout Steelhead) Dubbing

Hareline STS dubbing is an absolutely fantastic and essential dubbing material that every fly tyer really should have at hand at his or her fly bench, and this is our honest unbiased opinion and therefore unquestionably correct, right?

Seriously, our friends at Hareline Dubbin in Monroe Oregon have come up with so darn many excellent dubbing products that it is a conundrum to choose a few favorites from the pack, but STS Trilobl Dubbing is indeed one of our top favorite dubbings, and we would like to mention a few of the reasons for our affection for this dubbing.

STS Trilobal dubbing is easy to dub. We spin this in a dubbing loop or just dub it between thumb and forefinger with or without a hint of dubbing wax onour thread.

STS Trilobal dubbing makes spiky fuzzy bodies that remind us of seal fur. This buggy appearance reflects and refracts light and we think it makes a fly that is very attractive to fish of all sorts, even though we tie more steelhead, trout, and salmon flies than we do bonefish and redfish and tarpon flies, STS Trilobal dubbing ties nicely on flies that target all of these species.

STS Trilobal Dubbing is offered in so many colors that we have a tough time keeping up with our count. So who cares? We invite you to browse the color selection that ranges from eye-popping bright to most subtle cream.

STS Trilobal dubbing is the perfect length and texture to blend with other STS colors or with other dubbing materials. We especially like to add a pinch of various Ice Dub materials in contrasting colors to our STS and create signature color combinations for our salmon, steelhead and trout flies.

STS Trilobal dubbing is useful for color spots at the rear of Intruder flies, for collars to snug up our cone heads, on wooly buggers, and on our size 14 soft hackles too. Amazing dubbing stuff, this STS. We invite you to stock up on new STS colors or just keep your supply healthy.

Hareline STS (Salmon Trout Steelhead) Dubbing

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