Halibut Spreader Bar Large

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These L-Shaped Spreader Bars get your gear down to the bottom while keeping your bait a safe distance from your weight and mainline. These spreader bars come equipped with heavy duty swivels and a heavy duty quick release snap which comes in handy if you find yourself snagged up on the bottom. Both Large and Small models hold up to 250 lbs each. 

  • Gibbs Delta Halibut Spreader Bar helps to keep your bait slightly off the bottom

  • Stainless steel bar built for durability

  • Designed to open easily

  • Use for all bottom fish

  • Available in Small or Large

  • Relevant Species: Bottom Fish

  • Other Information: A stainless steel bar built for durability. Helps you to bounce bottom and keep your bait slightly off the bottom. Use for all bottom fish.

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