Yakima Bait Flatfish F-Series Plugs

Size: F2
Color: Flo Red (FLR)
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For over 50 years the FlatFish has been around and catching fish with its one-of-a-kind swimming action. Available in 6 sizes and over 100 different colors, the FlatFish is more versatile than ever. No matter where you are fishing or what you are fishing for, there is a FlatFish just right for you.

Yakima Bait Flatfish, F5:
  • Trout and panfish finishes
  • High action wiggling plug
  • Multi-specie design
  • Produces irresistible trolling action
  • Round bend treble hook
  • Available in 50 colors and 6 sizes from F2-F7
  • Single hook standard on F2. All other sizes available with single hook
  • 2-gang hook option available on sizes F5-F7

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