Electro Mirror Flashers

Colors: Green Hornet
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Gear up for the ultimate thrill in saltwater trolling with our cutting-edge ELECTRO MIRROR FLASHERS – engineered for the bold angler seeking an and edge on the water with something different. Here's what sets these bad boys apart:

Electroplated Chrome Design: The flashers are coated in chrome paint for a stunning mirror finish. This provides a highly reflective surface.

UV Tinted Reflective Paint: Stand out in the depths with UV reflective paint that adds a vibrant touch to the flasher. Giving off a brilliant colour hue of light unique to each colour flasher.

Glow in the Deep: Featuring a moonjelly logo'd glow sticker back to provide the necessary glow properties to attract fish in deeper depths.

Durable Build: We've reinforced the design with wider, thicker paddles and stainless steel rivets and hardware for enhanced durability. These flashers are crafted to endure the challenges of saltwater trolling.

Protective Coating: A clear UV infused hard top coat provides an extra layer of protection.

Choose your favourite from a lineup of six shiny colors: Green Hornet, Chartreuse 1605, Blue Dazzler, Red Velvet, Black Beauty, and Chrome Zone.

Traditional Flashers with UV paddles absorb light and become luminescent, paired with holographic tapes to reflect light. Electro Mirror Technology is about reflecting 100% light off the paddle in various hues of the colour spectrum. Paired with a Moonjelly Glow Sticker to give off the glow properties. These flashers are NEW technology, not new sticker patterns.

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