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This stunning new fast action fly rod fills the gap between the ION and the ECHO 3. Timmie Rajeff applied his vast store of fly rod experience to design the BOOST and deliver truly nimble performance on the water with exquisite looks with rods in line classes from 2 clear though 12.

Angler Reviews and sales of ECHO BOOST fly rods.

We recommend this fast action rod for run and gun fly fishers targeting any fish anywhere from little pan fry size to the big blue albacore tuna that we plan to chase with a twelve weight rod.

Choosing an appropriate BOOST rod: Here are a few suggestions, but feel free to go wild and cross the line anytime.

ECHO BOOST 2 wt fly rod. Little fish in ponds, creeks and bogs are perfect game for this 7 foot fly rod.

ECHO BOOST 3 wt fly rod. How about spring creek and mountain brook trout for this 7 ft 6 inch fly rod?

ECHO BOOST 4 wt fly rod. We could start to talk about fishing many of the trout waters in the world with this 8 foot BOOST

ECHO BOOST 4 wt fly rod. Now let’s look at this 9 foot BOOST as a fast action wonder for trout anywhere the line class is appropriate.

ECHO BOOST 5 wt fly rod. At 9 feet, this BOOST could be considered the universal, go anywhere trout rod, but you could fish it in the salt too as long as you wash it after each day.

ECHO BOOST 6 wt fly rod. At 9 feet with a traditional butt, this is your BOOST when your trout are getting larger, when you want to double up on lignt bonefish, or chasing sea runs and smallies with clousers or poppers.

ECHO BOOST 6 wt fly rod. At 9 feet with a cool fighting butt, this BOOST will gve you an advantage hanging on when some fish takes a wild run in river or estuary. This rod should make a great Sea BASS rod too, and we will be sure to clean it at the end of the day to get the salty crust off and keep it safe and sound.

ECHO BOOST 7 wt fly rod. Hummmmm. Nine foot, 7 weight rods make us think summer steelhead, smallies, and mousing in Alaska. Pink salmon on the Skagit or Fraser anyone? Streamers to lunker brownies in Montana? Schoolie stripers on overtime?

ECHO BOOST 8 wt fly rod. The 9 foot fly rod at this line class is entry level into the salmon and bass category, but heck, if you don’t have a saltwater quiver, feel free to throw this one at permit and baby tarpon too. Why not?

ECHO BOOST 9 wt fly rod. This 9 foot rod would travel nicely to BC or Alaska to fish silvers and chums. Or to South America to fish Peacock bass and dry popper eating catfish too.

ECHO BOOST 10 wt fly rod. Heading to the Oregon coast? How about Northern California, Washington, BC or Alaska? If you will be fishing Kings this ten weight rod at 9 feet will be a solid addition to your rod locker.

ECHO BOOST 11 wt fly rod. Use your imagination on this great 9 foot BOOST; maybe big pike, Musky, or bigmouth in the Everglades swamps. Modest tarpon or giant snook?

ECHO BOOST 12 wt fly rod. Haven’t had a chance to fish this one yet, but come August of 2015, we will be casting to pacific albacore offshore Oregon with this 9 foot 12 wt BOOST. Bet we have fun?

ECHO BOOST Fly rod features. Four reel seat configurations appropriate to line class. Four piece construction. All metal reel seat. Matte grey blank. Matching dark thread wraps. Rod sock and tube.

ECHO Lifetime Warranty Service.

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