Dynamite Swim Stim Ground Bait

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  • Made using unique Koi technology
  • Holds fish without overfeeding
  • The ultimate match fishing range

Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Koi Groundbait

Swimstim has been developed from Koi technology into a nutritionally perfect attractant it contains the most appetising ingredients possible. Triggers Carp, Bream, Chub and Barbel into a feeding frenzy.

Top match anglers ground-bait of choice

Premium range of groundbaits containing the best fishmeals available

The ‘special Koi technology’ ingredients make these ground-baits unique

Includes proven feed stimulants, such as pure krill and betaine that hold fish with-out overfeeding

Very versatile – perfect for all types of feeder fishing, pole fishing, ‘balling in’ or even creating soft paste mixes

Exceptional pulling power for targeting carp, tench, barbel and bream.

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