Drennan Zeppler Floats

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The stubby Zeppler is ideal for wide rivers and runs steady through rough rapids. It can be fished as a fixed or slip float.

The Drennan Slip Float Zeppler is a steelhead fishing float with a wide variety of uses. The Zeppler can be employed using the following techniques:

  • Stillwater waggler style featuring float stops and link swivel
  • The streamlined Piker is also the perfect river float and can be fished slider style using a simple stop knot
  • Fixed between two float stops a the top and a float stop and bead at the bottom

The Drennan Zeppler Slip Float is available in the following sizes: 8g, 11g, 20g, 24g and 35g. 1 per pack. Clear body.


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