Danielson Fish Billie Club

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This practical bille club is the quick and humane way to subdue your catch.  The lacquested wood lasts for years and is water resistant.  It comes with a nylon lanyard at the handle.  It measures 15 3/4" x 1 9/16in

The Danielson Fish Billie Club was created to be the most suitable resource for just about any fisherman. A highly effective fishing accessory can make or break your fishing adventure. With the Danielson Fish Billie Club, receiving a high quality addition to your tool box of fishing tools hasn't ever been easier. In order to make sure you're fishing with some of the finest gear to choose from, these Fishing Accessories from Danielson are fashioned making use of the heavy duty and trustworthy materials that you've come to count on from this extraordinary organization. Danielson has been a widely used name within the fishing field for very many years, and the Danielson Fish Billie Club is the consequence of the time they take to make sure you are fishing with some of the finest tools available. For a good way to ensure the success of your next fishing trip, pick the Danielson Fish Billie Club

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