X Zone Adrenaline Bug 8pk

Size: 4"
Colour: Sprayed Grass
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The extremely versatile 4" Adrenaline Bug is designed to provide a great creature bait presentation that bass love! The soft, body and floating claws make this bait irresistible to bass. Once they feel this soft bait in their mouth - they will not let go. The specialized plastic, super fine salt and scent infused formula used to make the Adrenaline Bug allows the claws to float at rest for a time, mimicking the defensive stance of a real crayfish. All of these exceptional features produce a creature bait that swims, hops and undulates in the water creating a NEW unique sonic signature and vibration that BASS LOVE!!! The Adrenaline Bug is extremely versatile. It is available in 11 proven fish catching colors to cover a wide variety of applications, including flipping, pitching and punching.

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