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Made from real whole Octopus! With powerful amino acids and bite stimulants added. Perfect for all lures and soft plastic

Sandshrimp (Ghost Shrimp) - Real whole ground up sand shrimp make this new gel a 'no brainer' for serious salmon and steelhead guys.
Anise Plus A blend of 5 bait fish with a powerful shot of pure anise oil. If you're an anise fan this gel is for you.
Trout/Kokenee Magic A blend of fish oils, corn scent, anise, bait fish, shrimp and Nightcrawler, this scent is hot for just about everything that swims.
Mullet A critical scent for all salt water anglers in the South East and Gulf Coast.
Sweet Craw A fantastic combination of ground up crawfish and sweet aquatic shrimp & krill, with UV & powerful amino acid bite stimulants.
Inshore Saltwater Anchovies, sardines, mullet, menhaden, shrimp, squid and ghost shrimp make this gel irresistible to most species.
Krill Beautiful orange gel is made from real krill.
Carp Spit Combines herring, shrimp, anise, bite stimulants and pure ground night crawlers.
Anise/Krill Combines the power of krill with pure anise. How much better can it get.
Trophy Bass Combines threadfin shad, crawfish, minnows, and night crawlers in a gel.
Butt Juice Designed to use on large scampies, jugs, Mud Rakers for halibut, ling cod and bottom fish.
Sardine From salmon to stripers to albacore, tuna yellow tail and wahoo this scent gel will produce big time for you.
Shad Made from Columbia River shad this is a great scent for walleye, smallmouth bass and sturgeon.
Menhaden Made from real bunker. Stripers, bluefish and tuna love this oily scent.
Lady Fish Made from real ladyfish. This kicks butt in Florida and the South East.
Threadfin Shad Made from real threadfin shad. Many top anglers mix this bait sauce with other Pro-Cure fish oils to inject into rigged threadfin shad for stripers, land locked kings and large trout.
Anise Crawfish Made from real whole crawfish. Everything from bass to salmon, steelhead, walleye, and panfish will go after this blend.
Salmon Egg Made from real whole ground up salmon eggs.
Night Crawler Made from real whole night crawlers, this scent can be used on harnesses, spinner blades, plugs, etc.
Octopus Made from real whole Octopus! With powerful amino acids and bite stimulants added.
Emerald Shiner Made from real whole shiners, with powerful amino acids added. Apply to lures, spoons, even live minnows.
Predator Pro-Cure's #1 all around scent blend is now perfect for spoons, spinners, plugs, etc.
Anchovy Pure ground up anchovies. Perfect for swim baits, soft plastics, plugs, spoons, and stick baits.
Garlic/Craw Real crawfish ground up with a heavy shot of pure garlic oil. This should be illegal for small mouth bass. Absolutely killer!
Herring Real ground up herring in a super easy to use gel formula.
Crawfish Real whole crawfish ground up into a thick sticky gel.
Squid Real whole squid ground up into a sticky gel base.
Corn Smells just like fresh picked sweet corn. Works great on kokanee, trout, carp, etc.
Kokanee The #1 Kokanee scent formula is now abailable in an easy to use gel.
Shrimp The most powerful, most effective shrimp scent ever offered. Made from real edible shrimp and prawns this scent will out perform all other competitive 'shrimp' scents day in and day out.
Shrimp/Krill The Super Gel combines two of our all time hottest scents into one incredible gel scent. Perfect for lures, plugs, spoons, soft plastics, swim baits, hoochies, etc.
Rainbow Trout The ultimate rainbow trout scent! PS. Big rainbows and brown trout love it too!
Calico Cocktail This gel is really unfair to calico bass, sand bass, spotted bay bass, halibut, etc.
Trophy Trout This scent is made from pure Tui Chubs, an oily west coast trash fish with an intense, oily aroma.
Crappie/Panfish Magic This Super Gel has just about everything a panfish feeds on: Minnows, night crawlers, shrimp, crawfish, and more.
Garlic/Nightcrawler Walleye go nuts for this blend! So do big bass, crappie, and panfish.

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