When we offer free standard post shipping on orders over $100.00 in Canada on eligible items. Due to cross-border fees, we do not offer this for US and International Orders. All Free-shipping offers are standard shipping, which usually takes 5-7 business day after it was sent out to reach its destination depending on the area.

Some examples of ineligible items:

  • Oversized items including rods and other items that require specialized packaging.
  • Rods that exceeds the normal packaging length.
  • Heavy items including smokers, weights, traps, sink-rope and buoy.
  • Specialized items including electronics, marine equipment, and insurable items. 
  • Custom or specialized products
  • Products that might be hazardous or is prohibited from shipping according to local or federal law
  • Bait or any products that requires to be frozen or refrigerated 


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