Simon Dodger

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The Simon Dodger is an eye catcher for both fish and fisherman and has proven to be a deadly pattern on Kokanee and trout. Teamed with a baby Simon, Trolling Fly, or Hoochie its deadly!

Watch out, kokanee! The Simon Dodger is built from a lighter gauge of brass than standard flashers, and mimics the deadly erratic motion of the Simon Wobbler, a spoon that kokanee and trout can't seem to resist. Features top-quality silver or gold plating, light-refracting Ultra UV tape, and welded stainless steel rings and barrel swivels.

  • Light-gauge brass with exceptional movement
  • Mimics the action of the Simon Wobbler Spoon
  • Specifically targets kokanee and trout
  • Silver or gold plating with Ultra UV sticker
  • Welded stainless steel hardware

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