Wychwood Signature Bite Alarm

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Wychwood Signature Bite Alarm If you’re looking for a compact bite alarm to suit your specimen fishing then you need look no further than the Wychwood Signature Bite Alarm. Featuring a plethora of adjustable settings you are able to specify your bite alarm to the conditions of the water and your target fish. Sensitivity settings allow you to adjust the responsiveness of your alarm. This is perfect if you’re fishing in particularly windy conditions or into fast moving waters, as having your alarm on high sensitivity in these situations might result in a lot of ‘false positive’ beeps. For calm waters and weather you are able to increase the sensitivity of your alarm, ideal if you are targeting smaller fish. With an adjustable volume setting you are able to easily change the volume of your alarm. This is especially ideal if you want to maintain bankside stealth and are fishing with a transmitter and receiver set up. This alarm also has an adjustable tone. This is perfect if you are fishing on multiple rods, as you are able to set each rod to a different tone for ease of identification – especially helpful for takes at night when you might not be able to see which rod is running with ease. With a variable blue LED light you are also able to see quickly and easily which alarm is activated. This alarm has a memory, so all of your customised settings remain in place after switch off, making set up the net time you are at the bank quick and easy.

Key Features

  • Tone and volume control
  • Silent setting
  • Sensitivity control
  • Variable LED
  • Blue LED
  • 10-40 second latching time
  • Low battery warning
  • All settings remain set after switch-off

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