Shimano Talavera Type Casting Jigging Rod

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Built for those seeking a high performance jigging rod at a fair price, the Shimano Talavera Type J Jigging Rods are ideal for targeting anything from bottom fish to pelagics. The Talavera Type J was designed to be fished with a typical speed jigging tempo. The action of the rod allows it to load and unload quickly to provide the ideal flick of the jig while working it through the water column. By loading faster, these rods will pitch the jig more aggressively than their slow jigging counterparts. All models feature high density EVA split grip handles for exceptional all-day jigging comfort, and are wrapped with SeaGuide Zirconia guides for smooth drops and fish fights with braided lines. Available in both casting and spinning models ranging from Light to Medium-Heavy in power, the Talavera Type J is perfect for standard jigging applications in both inshore and offshore waters.

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