Shimano SMC 100MH2C Scimitar Salmon & Steelhead Trolling Rod

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Covering a broad spectrum of popular techniques, the Shimano Scimitar Salmon & Steelhead Rods will help you dial in your presentation without breaking the bank. This newly redesigned Scimitar series covers everything from standard casting and spinning rods to technique specific configurations for float fishing, trolling, and even Kokanee. All models are built on durable and lightweight 2-piece blanks for ease of transport and storage. The feature Titanium Oxide guides for increased durability and casting distance with all types of line. Casting and Spinning models are fitted with quality cork handles, while trolling models feature a carbon tube handle. Durable, lightweight, and ultra-sensitive, the redesigned Scimitar Salmon & Steelhead Rods provide an ideal balance of performance and value for steelheaders of all skill levels.

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