Shimano Grappler Type Slow J Jigging Rod

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Shimano put their all into the new Grappler series including the Spiral-X and Hi-Power X technologies which have helped create some of the lightest, most durable and high performance rods introduced from Shimano.  Spiral-X, consisting of multiple layers comprised of carbon tape that tightly winds the blank diagonally in opposite directions, resulting in enhanced torsional rigidity without adding extra weight, and Hi-Power X construction produces the more powerful, lighter, and more sensitive blanks. Spiral X blanks are 250% more structurally rigid and 180% less prone to twisting than standard blank construction. The Type Slow J series is purpose built for slow pitch jigging with models rated up to 400g jigs.  Due to their construction, these rods are extremely thin, with a fast recovery which causes the rod to pull up the jig from the bottom after a "pitch". These slow pitch rods are deceptively powerful with a deep parabolic flex throughout the entirety of the blank.  These rods are then fitted with premium components such as Fuji Alconite guides and an SiC tip, along with comfortable EVA handles.

Imagine a jig dancing through the water in a rhythmic pattern, then feeling a hard thump and coming tight on the fish of a lifetime. Grappler Slow Jigging rods load more parabolically than conventional jigging rods, giving the angler greater control over the movement of the jig. Grappler Slow J rods are designed to fish with lighter PowerPro and leader to ensure there is a fluid connection between rod movements and the jig. Utilizing Shimano’s highest performing rod blank technologies, Spiral X and Hi-Power X, Grappler Slow Jigging blanks are 250% more structurally rigid and 180% less prone to twisting than standard blank construction. Featuring ultra-parabolic blanks, Grappler Slow Jigging rods are designed for the angler looking to refine jigging technique.

Item Code Action Number of Sections Lure Rating Length (in) Grip Material Braided Line Rating Guide Material Power
GRPSJC68ML Fast 1 Max 260g 6'8" EVA Max 20 Fuji Alconite Med-Light
GRPSJC68M Fast 1 Max 330g 6'8" EVA Max 30 Fuji Alconite Medium
GRPSJC68MH Fast 1 Max 400g 6'8" EVA Max 40 Fuji Alconite Med-Heav

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