Shimano Game Type Slow J Jigging Rod

Model: GTSJC66MA
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Built as a tool for creating the proper jig action, Slow Jigging rods load more parabolically than conventional jigging rods, to give the angler greater control over the movement of the jig. Shimano designed the new Game Type Slow J rods to fish with lighter PowerPro and leader to ensure a fluid connection between rod movements and the jig. Game Type Slow J rods utilize Shimano’s highest performing rod blank technologies — Spiral X Core and Hi-Power X — integrated on ultra-parabolic blanks to optimize performance. Available in three slow-pitch jigging models, the new Game Type Slow J rods feature heavy-duty CI4+ grips for enhanced sensitivity and performance while providing all-day jigging comfort. Whether fishing deep with heavy jigs or shallow with a delicate presentation, there is no equal for targeting both pelagic and reef fish than that of Shimano’s flagship series of jigging tackle.

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