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Hareline Pseudo Eyes. 12 per pack.

Hareline Pseudo Eyes are hands down our very most favorite hottie, lazer awesome, ice-solid fly tying barbell for adding eyes with pupils to streamers. They cost a little more but oh-my-gosh behold these beauties!

They are machined of brass that will not bend, even when being mashed by monster Chinook salmon. They are offered in either nickel or black nickel finish that is virtually forever bonded (probably some fancy ionization magic); and the pupils are available in red, yellow, and green.

Some fly tyers are of the old school and prefer to use super glue to attach pupils to Hareline flat-end tungsten hour glass eyes or to Hareline sunken barbell brass fly tying eyes. That is great. Old school fly tyers are our mentors. Heck, some of our Caddis Fly pro staff are themselves members of the highly esteemed old school fly tyers club. That is fine.

Still, when we are short on time and need to tie up twenty-seven Clouser deep minnows at 2 AM before we jump in our truck at 3AM and make the 4 hour drive to the south Oregon Coast to fish for chrome bright king salmon, guess which barbell we reach for.

We reach for the Hareline Pseudo eyes, of course. Just pick our favorite eye color, tie the barbell on the hook with a nice figure eight wrap, and we are ready to go. Ooops. Forgot to add the craft fur and kyrstal flash. Oh well, these Hareline Pseudo fly tying barbell eyes just might be good looking enough to catch salmon all by their lonesome.

Again, these offer the advantage of being unbendable. We dare a fish to bend these fly tying barbell Pseudo eyes without the use of a Leatherman multi-tool. We do not believe it can be done.

Hareline pseudo eyes are specialty fly tying barbells that perform miracles. We normally need to be very careful to hold our flies out of sight from the water we plan on fishing until we are prepared to make a quick 120' double haul cast. The problem we have encountered, and this is a serious problem, is that giant Chinook salmon will see our fly dangling on a leader as we are standing on the beach, riverbank, or in our boat. Said salmon then decide to rush at us and leap into the air attempting to grab our pseudo eye adorned fly. This is all well and good except for the fact they sometimes grab our hands and make awful teeth marks and try to drag us into the river. Then too, the State Police think we are chumming or some other potentially illegal activity and hang out and snoop around in our fly vests and want to see the insides of our Simms waders to see if we have illegal magnetically enhanced fish attractors installed in the legs.

Small 6.5 Grains .43 Grams Medium 10.3 Grains .68 Grams Large 15 Grains .98 Grams XL 20.5 Grains 1.33 Grams

Tie them in and you have it all. Brass barbells with built in colored eyes with pupils.

Now we get down to it our favorites. These brass dumbbells are eco-friendly, extremely durable, and have pupil-enhanced eyes securely affixed making them tying and fish-catching ready to rock-and-roll. We prefer the 7/32 for most of our intruder tying, but the 3/16 is well suited to our smallest and largest Flies, respectively.

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