Pro Bond 8oz Fast Set Paste Adhesive

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Comes with 4 oz of resin and 4 oz of hardener

For all of the same superior properties as the regular Probond but with an accelerated cure time for those fast jobs, try Probond Fast Set. Pro bond Fast Set Formula paste adhesive has an average set time of 15 minutes. Designed "For Rod Builders – By Rod Builders". Experienced rod builders know what they want in a rod adhesive: easy mixing, good working time, smooth application, simple clean up and the strongest bonding possible. ProBond Rod Building Paste Adhesive delivers on these needs. ProBond is the latest breakthrough in rod building paste epoxies for any of your adhesive needs. This new paste will stay where you put it and you won't have the mess associated with liquid adhesives. It can be used to bond cork and synthetic handles, metal and graphite reel seats, ferrules, butt caps, hosels and cork rings. It works well as a lubricant when installing EVA. forgiving mixing ratio allows fast application with simple cleanup.

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