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Dubbing wax should be a staple on your tying bench regardless of your fly tying experience. For the beginning tyer our wax offers just the right blend of softness and tackiness to aid in holding dubbing to the thread. The key is to use the wax sparingly on the thread. Most beginners tend to use too much wax, and this can change the texture and color of the dubbing - only a tiny amount is needed.

For the advanced tyer our dubbing wax is perfect for all thread-and-loop dubbing techniques on both thread and wire.

Dubbing wax is also great for smoothing rough skin on your fingers, making it easier to handle all types of materials. Try putting a very thin coating of dubbing wax on hard to control materials such as deer tail hair before tying them in. You will find that the addition of the wax offers you a bit of extra control when tying in unruly materials.

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