Mustad Signature Fly Hooks Egg Caddis Offset C068 2XH-2XS

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The forged Egg / Caddis is a strong and reliable hook made for egg and caddis larva patterns. The curbed hook point makes for easy hookset and holding power. Use it to fish for trout, rainbows, steelhead or grayling. The Mustad Signature fly hook features unique sharpness and strength. It features 2X short shank and 2X extra heavy wire to battle even the strongest river species. Developed in cooperation with the world's top fly tiers to exact proportions between gap, bend, wire diameter and shank length for precise scaling unmatched by others. The micro barb can easily be pinched down without damaging the hook for barbless applications. Bronze finish. Chemically sharpened, Nor-Tempered high carbon steel.

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