Lighthouse Lures - Led 7" Magnum Hoochie Glow Pretied

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You just can’t go wrong with a glow hoochie and this glow Hoochie will get the job done. The pictures just don’t do it justice but this multi purpose lure is ready to tackle all the big game salwater fish it can handle. Features a green flash L.E.D. light inside the lure. Great for a number of prized fish use it to catch Salmon, Seabass, Tuna, Sailfish, Dorado and even the bottom feeders such as Halibut and Lingcod will love this one.

Tied with 40 # test line and 5/0 hooks

Why Lighthouse Electronic Fishing Lures Work

Fish are predators who hunt visually. Their eyes act as a kind of radar, seeking out changes in the ambient light around them for signs of prey in the immediate vicinity. The most notable and immediate changes in a dark underwater environment are rapid changes in light. Such changes attract the immediate attention of game fish on the prowl for their next meal and often trigger immediate feeding strikes. Therefore, it makes sense that visual enhancers, most notably light, can have an astounding impact on a lure’s effectiveness. For any angler looking for an edge, adding eye-catching, artificially lighted lures to the tackle box are the extra advantage needed to produce more and bigger fish. Since fish are attracted to light, then you need to add light to your fishing arsenal.

Ambient light decreases as one travels further away from the surface of a body of water. Because fish hunt primarily by sight, any out of the ordinary light in the normally dark environment of the water will attract their attention. The basic rules apply. Big fish eat little fish, and little fish, often covered in shiny scales, reflect what little light reaches the depths at which they happen to swim. This reflected light is the first clue a larger fish has to some kind of prey in the vicinity and triggers movement to investigate a possible meal. Often times, any light that resembles the glimmer of a reflection off a baitfish can trigger a natural strike response.

Bottom line, any angler looking to improve their results on the water should seek out every possible advantage. Anglers have embraced a myriad of technologies to improve their chances of finding more fish on the water. Imagine fishing today without your depth finder, down rigger, or trolling motor for example. The lighted lure could very well be the trolling motor of tomorrow. If you are looking for big fish in deep, dark water, then adding light to your lure can significantly improve your chances of attracting that monster Halibut, Salmon, Tuna, Rockfish, Dorado, or Marlin you will be telling your buddies about your big catch until they cannot stand to hear about it one more time. Best of luck and keep those lines tight!

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