Dr. Slick Bug Wick Desiccant and Floatant

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Floatant - A temperature stable silicone.  Work a small dab into your flies to keep your bugs high and dry.  A must for every dry fly fanatic.  Also great as fly line cleaner and accelerator.

Bottle (.5 fl oz) - Item #:  FLOAT

Tub of 25 - Item #:  FLOAT TUB

Desiccant & Floatant - A unique blend of desiccant and floatant.  This product is designed for drying and treating waterlogged and slimed flies in one step.  Drop in fly, shake hard, blow off excess, and you're back in the game.  Shaker bottle has a leader slit so drowning flies can be treated while still on the tippet.  Product is great with CDC and synthetic flies.

Bottle (1 oz) - Item #:  DRY FLOAT

Tub of 25 - Item #:  DRY FLOAT TUB

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