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All of the Descend Series soft plastics have been made using a revolutionary multi-port salt injection technology. This technology allows us to inject different salt concentrations into different areas within the lure. This results in natural sinking and swimming actions without the need to add weights or other tackle to achieve the desired action.

The Descend Crawfish features claws, antennae, and a heavily salted abdomen that give it a fast sink rate to quickly get it to the bottom of the water column. The claws of the Descend Craw remain lifted on the fall and when being worked along the bottom making it appear like a crawfish in a defensive position.

  • Length: 4.25in
  • Weight: 1/2oz
  • Innovative Descend Series dual salt injection process.
  • Natural appendages and tail heavy design for a natural fleeing action.
  • Fast sink rate and heavy salt ratio designed to keep the Crawfish low in the water column.
  • Looks like a crawfish in the defensive position when in the water.
  • Does not require additional weight when rigging.
  • Works with a variety of tackle and rigging techniques.
  • 6 pieces per pack + 2 4/0 hooks



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