Berkley Line Stripper - Model LS2

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Next time your arms feel like lead when you are stripping line off your reels the night before a tournament, think about the easy way, the Berkley Line Stripper. Powered by two AA batteries, this unit will peel off miles and miles of line before you will need to replace the batteries. It will work for two to fifty-pound line and will save you lots of time, not to mention sore shoulders from pulling old line off your reels.

The new and improved Berkley® Line Stripper boasts a more powerful motor to quickly remove old fishing line for re-spooling.


  • Strips 2lb-80lb line with ease
  • Powerful motor strips line up to 300 yards per minute
  • Grinding stone to sharpen hooks
  • Includes Lanyard
  • Requires 2 AA batteries

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