Scotty 1106B Depthpower Electric Downrigger

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All the features you have come to love with our depthpower series. Now available with more options than ever. Equipped with 300 ft. of 200 lb. test braided line. 36″-60″ long, 1¼” diameter telescopic boom. Included, Downrigger weight storage hook and sure-stop tackle. Fully adjustable decent speed, lifts 7 lb. weights at 235 ft./min. and 15 lb. weights at 203 ft./min. Spray protected positive-drive depth counter and Kevlar drive belt by Optibelt™ The lowest amperage draw of any Downrigger made with less than ⅓ the battery draw than some of the competition.

  • Downrigger Boom Length: 36″ – 60″ telescoping stainless steel boom
  • Downrigger Boom Diameter: 1 ¼″
  • Rod Holder Interior Diameter: 1.85″

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