Frabill Butterfly Net

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This lightweight butterfly net is gentle on small insects and other creatures that require gentle care. It's even a great option when catching grasshoppers or crickets for fishing bait.

Frabill Butterfly Net - Premium quality soft polyester netting. Tubular aluminum hoop & handle assembly. Also great for catching grasshoppers for bait! Tear drop design

On the way to your next fishing trip? Don't forget to bring the Frabill 12 in Round Fixed Handle Butterfly Fishing Net. The soft polyester netting is great for scooping up fish or for catching insect bait, and the aluminum hoop and handle contribute to a sturdy construction. The Frabill 12 in Round Fixed Handle Butterfly Fishing Net features polyester netting and an aluminum hoop and handle.

Specifications and Features:

  • 12-inch hoop size
  • 17-inch net depth
  • 24-inch fixed handle
  • Made with polyester netting and a tubular aluminum hoop and handle
  • Model Number: 2001

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